(SeaMist & Tornado puppy)

Carina, I must praise you for the outstanding work and training you do to raise these puppies. 
It is so obvious to see that you truly raise them with your heart. I'm telling you, our puppy came to us trained.. I was prepared to handle many many issues - this puppy is such a darling.. sweet boy, happy, content, no anxiety, beyond beautiful, lovely personality.. I thought he may have separation issues, but he seems to be adjusting very well. He seems  to trust and love us, so there has been no problems. 
Colleen Wing
Neebing, Ontario

Enjoying life...

Hi Carina!

Well, Hudson is a little past 6 months old now.. so crazy to think!  She is getting so big – 56lbs already.  She is adapting quite well to the west coast life I would say.  I attached a few pictures of her at the beach from this week, there's never anyone there this time of year so I let her free and she just rips around and digs in the sand, it's hilarious..   And also a Christmas photo I meant to send of the two of us.  We are starting obedience school at the end of March, which I am really looking forward to.  She goes everywhere with me and/or my mom in the car so she is experiencing a lot and goes to Vancouver with me on occasion.  She’s such a great girl!  And what a little genius, she picks up on tricks insanely fast.  She knows the commands; speak, high five (each paw), shake-a-paw (each paw), sit, down, stay, come, fetch, barks at us to say she needs to go potty outside, and I think that’s it for now that I can think of.  She has her little routine down pat in the morning.. I always watch the news early and have a coffee before the day starts – she always comes up on my lap and curls up in a ball like clock work, the only time she gets up on the furniture.  She must still think she's miniature, lol.  I could just go on forever about her, we are all so in love with her! 

Thanks again..

 Berkley and not so little Hudson J

Hi Carina,

We thought we would send you an update. Rosie has been the best addition to our family and we're loving every minute of it. Thought I would send you some updated pics. She is an amazing dog with such a great disposition. On a side note, her sister "Luna" who is 1 year older than her (same parents) is her best friend. Small world to say the least!
Thanks again and we hope all is well with you, your family and the dogs.
Merry Christmas,

Geoff Summach and family
email: geoffs@sawideas.com

Kendra & Mike & "Archie"

First snowfall and had a ball. Went to the vet and behaved extremely well. Vet wrote on her report very healthy puppy.  He  asked for TLC information. She has been a very keen student.  She is excellent with word recognition. She is sitting , staying , coming and going down on command. I have her searching for her food and she finds it easily outdoors or in. When I say do you want to play the game she immediately heads for the door and waits on the other side until I tell her to search.  She is 27 lbs and gaining. She is very keen on our daily woods walk. Picks up on all previous routes.  She plows through thick underbrush like a tank. She is every thing we wanted . She really is a tribute to you and your breeding program.

Thanks again , Donnie and Karen     

email address: wilson.karen@me.com

​​Hi Carina,

I have been thinking about sending you another update but have been busy. You are the best person to share all about River. Who knows him better :)
We are all very happy with River. He is growing and learning so well. I have to say that he is very easy to train. We have a good trainer who gives us great support. River meets with him every week. He picks up new tricks so fast that we don't need to do much at home. He just remembers what he has learned. River is still a very calm boy. He always stay calm when other dogs are barking. He loves everybody. He is our big teddy bear!
Kids also learn how to get along with a puppy. I can't tell you how happy I am to see River and my children grow together and get to know each other! 
River had his last set of shots yesterday...yay! He will soon be fully Immuned. Our vet said that he is a very healthy puppy. River is now 34.4 lbs. his weight doubled in 8 weeks!
River is pretty much potty trained now. The puppy nip has improved tremendously! Now he enjoys chewing his toys and rawhides or bully sticks way better than our hands :D
I have been meeting and talking with more dog owners these days. Many of them adopted their dogs from kennels. However, I was quite shocked when they told me that they brought their puppy home when it was as young as three weeks old. They went through lots of problems in the first few months and there were many behavioural issues. When I heard of those stories, I was so grateful that we found a great breeder! Thank you again for your excellent puppy! Like the quote from your website, River did make our life complete! We can't ask for more :)
He is now sleeping beside my feet. I just can't take that smile off my face when he is with me :)
Will share more pictures with you later!
Regards to your family,

Jane and Shelby So
Vancouver, BC

(Ocean & Bolt puppy)

Jessica and "Evey"

Hi Carina,
I hope all is well with you, your family, and pups.
I can’t believe how quickly time has flown by! We just celebrated Nala’s first birthday on April 2nd. Since bringing her home, she has fit into our family unbelievably; everyone adores her. She loves to cuddle, follows you wherever you go and is quite intelligent. She passed puppy kindergarten with flying colours and impressed her class by showing off her “play dead” trick. She enjoys her morning runs and time at the dog park where she can run free and meet new friends. Just the other day she was able to meet a very important pup, her half-sister! Our neighbours a few doors down just brought home a beautiful Ocean and Bolt puppy. Nala was very excited to meet her little sister and will enjoy having her just down the block.
We want to thank you for Nala as she has become a very important member of our family. She is gentle, intelligent, and overall just the sweetest pup.  I cannot say enough good things about your labs and wouldn’t hesitate to adopt another one of your gorgeous dogs. Thanks again!

-Ashley, Alex & Nala Murphy
Warman, SK
email: ashmarie.murphy@gmail.com
Ps. I have attached some pictures of Nala over the year.

River and Santa...

Duke is the star again! Yesterday we went to Camping World and the manager asked if he could take our picture and post it on their Facebook page. We have a happy boy and love having him in our lives!

Dietlind, Bob, and Duke

Berkley Gaucher and "Hudson"

The Cerillys  & "Caleb"

Hello Carina, 

I want to express that I am extremely happy and satisfied, Dante is amazing, you are an excellent breeder. Dante is doing well after the long trip, I was worried about him, his first night with us was perfect, he is playing with his new toys and enjoying his new bed. The envelope arrived perfect, nothing damage. Thank you so much for everything we are having a blast with Dante!  
David & Alejandra & Dante Gartshore
Victoria, BC  

Hello Carina,
Today, March 19, is Dante's first birthday, so here is a cute video that we want to share with you.
Alejandra, David and Dante Gartshore.
Click on picture below to see slideshow/video of "Dante"

Sophie at 7 months...

River at 3 months...

The Coans & "Duke"

Jane & Shelby & "River"

Sophie at 9 months...

Hi Carina,

I can't tell you how excited we are to have Duke with us at last.  We are glad you followed your heart too and allowed us to buy one of your puppies.  You are obviously a conscientious breeder and have been wonderful to work with.  Please dont hesitate to refer people to us if you should ever need a recommendation.  I will keep in touch.  The best to you and your family.
Hugs from the three of us!

Dietlind, Bob and "Duke" Coan
Palm Harbor, Florida, USA
ph (727) 470-9907
email: dietlindc@aol.com

(Ocean and Bolt puppy)

"Dante" at 4 months of age...just at the groomers, looking good!!

Gus at 4 months...

The Davidsons and "Sophie"

River One Year Old...

Colleen & David and "Kado Bear"


Kenneth and Marina Morris
Victoria, BC
email: marinamorris@shaw.ca

(Ocean & Bolt puppy)

RIVER AT NINE MONTHS...Won Most Photogenic Dog (Vancouver, BC)

Hi Carina,
Just wanna share a picture with you. Our handsome boy is three months old now!
River has settled down very well with our family routine and gets along well with everyone. I walk him early every morning and he's doing an excellent job!
Can't wait till his shots are done so we can explore more places and meet with more dogs!

Hey Carina, 
Charlie is the best dog in the world! I’ve had many pups in the past but nothing like this.
We’ve had him for two and a half weeks and he is already trained very well. Taught him how to sit in two days, potty trained in four days( haven’t had an accident since!) he already rings a bell to go out! He learned that in a day. Nothing I’ve ever seen before. Shakes a paw, stays to wait for his food, lay down, speaks, working on rollovers and he’s almost there. Walks on a leash very well and stops and sits on my left when I stop or ask!!! We couldn’t be more happy. Instant part of our family. Such a loving personality.
Thank you!!
Spencer and Jodi


Hi Carina 

I just wanted to let you know what an incredible little puppy Gus is. I have taken him twice to the lake now…..both times in the little borrowed crate (which looks like it will be too small for the next trip) and both times he has been the perfectly behaved little gentleman. I have a small seat belt attachment which I bought from Wal-Mart for about $11 and I attach Gus to that using a harness for trips to Uncle Vet etc. and he also sits down and then lies down when wearing that. I don't know if you can truly comprehend what this means to us? It is like manna from heaven!!!

He is just such a self- contained little guy as well as loving people. I know I am doing a better job as I have read 2 Cesar Millan books (one twice!) so I can't only say it is the dog but I truly believe that your breeding has a large role to play. 

Anyway…this has been like a therapy session…thanks for listening J.
And thanks for the incredible little darling Gus you picked for us.
Take care…..I would recommend your puppies to anyone and everyone!

Collene and Gus
Saskatoon, SK

8 Month Update...

The Gilroys & "Luna"

Isn't she beautiful??!! Sophie listens soo intently. I just love this picture of her

Hi Carina

 Just wanted to tell you how wonderfully Gus is progressing.

At about 91/2 months we cut back on his toys, thinking they were winding him up. We noticed a marked calmness in his behavior after that. From then on, he seemed to mature every week….. so quickly. We have slowly been reintroducing items around the house like the toilet roll back in its holder, mats back on the floor etc. and most of these items have been left alone. Sure, we still have to be a step ahead, like I had to ditch the Easywalk for the Halti to stop pulling on walks but he took to it with no fuss. He even wears Sally's old fleece jacket sometimes and has never objected!

But not only is he maturing quickly, he is so lovable and loving! I have never had such a loving dog. He licks me in my mouth if he can, he lies so he touches us (mostly ON us), and last night Craig commented :"No wonder they are called Lovable Labs!"

This time last year both Craig and I were so sad and didn't really celebrate my birthday or Christmas. This year is so different due to Gus! I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for breeding such a superb dog! You have changed our lives and made them so much happier!!!!!!

Thank you Carina.

Hope you too have a truly wonderful Christmas season.

Much love

Collene, Craig and Gusxxxxxxx


Hi Carina, 
I bought Caleb a life vest to get his "sea legs" for swimming.
I've introduced him to "barn life" and the horses. He just loves it. He really wants to please so he is easy to train.

I took him for his first grooming today. They said he was the best puppy they'd ever seen. So he got this Petco scarf as a reward

Here are some new pictures of Caleb pretending he is a lap dog and having a swim play day with a couple of lab friends.
He has, in these few months, learned everything we will need to teach him and performs them beautifully.  Since he is so well behaved, I am able to take him places where dogs normally are not allowed (the bank, Target, Home Depot) so he is able to join me while I run my errands. I think the establishments assume he is a service dog.

He is such a hit everywhere I go!  Not only are people taken by how cute he is, they are amazed that such a young dog is so well trained.
We are really, really enjoying him.

Marian Cerilly

Covina, California, USA
Bonavie Investments


References & Testimonials

(Ocean & Bolt puppy)

The absolute best Lab ever!!! Such sweetness and oh so smart. I loved my other dogs and was heart broken when they passed after 13 years. Sophie from Lovable Labs came into my life just a few months after we said goodbye to Trixie. Sophie and I have such a special bond. It is like she knew she was sent for me. My husband says he has never seen anything like it. Lovable Labs is amazing. Carina's pups are the best. You can see the difference between a regular Lab and a Lovable Lab. No joke. We were stopped once by a gentleman who asked us "Is that a Lovable Lab? Can spot her dogs anywhere, beautiful!" I want to spoil my sweet Sophie or I would take another pup in a heartbeat!

6 month update...

Trevor & Sarah & "Jasper"

Hi Carina,

I just can't thank you enough for this beautiful baby girl you chose for us. She is soo smart. Since we've been home she has had zero accidents.  She runs straight to the back door and sits and waits to be taken outside. I rewarded her with little treats when she did the deed. She has caught on to this immediately and has faked pee after she already went to get a treat. Smart!! She sleeps in our room on her own bed. (I saved Trixie ' s orthopedic bed) She is already sleeping through the night.
I will be contacting that trainer this week.
Attached some pictures of Sophie, all ready for Halloween. 
Thanks again 

Brenda and Scott Davidson
Regina, SK
email: scott_brenda1@yahoo.ca

11 month update.....Dec 13, 2014

(MoonLIght & SnoBear puppy)

(Tundra and Bolt puppy)

(Tundra and Bolt puppy)

Hi Carina,

I trust everything is well with yourself and family. I just wanted to give you an update on Luna.   Luna is weighing in at 38.5. She has been a ball of energy, a loyal and affectionate lab. She has graduated from both “polite puppies” and “good dogs have more fun”. She goes on at least 3 walks/day and is doing very well with her loose leash walking and her recall. She is getting out of the biting/lunging stage and has become more complacent, settling into her daily routine. Overall, Luna has been a great addition to our family!
Thanks for everything!

Brian & Annette Gilroy
Calgary, AB

(Tundra & Bolt puppy)

Sandy Magnussen & "Stella"

Dante...almost 3 years...

The Vogelsangs & "Wrigley"

Lovable Labsof Canada

Hi Carina,

Just thought I would send you this photo of Archie from October. He has tripled in size since you last saw him and is just getting bigger overnight....the vet assures me he isn't being underfed though Archie would tell you otherwise if he could, he loves to eat, loves to play,loves ppl and kids and has mastered the high five!

Kendra Shaughnessy
Calgary, Alberta

The Gartshores and "Dante"

The Morris's and "Arctic Trooper" & "Winter Krystal" (Puppies from Star and Bolt, 1 year apart)

(Ocean & Bolt puppy)

(Ocean and Bolt puppy)

The Murphys and "Nala"

All our puppies are vet checked and given 1st shots at 6-7 weeks by the great team at the Creekside Veterinarian Service

ph 306-662-4969 or email at:


Sophie is getting so big.  She is 61 lbs!!! She will be doing some more classes with me starting this month.  Here she is all ready for Easter. Some pic are blurry....I'm no professional. ...and she moves A LOT!!! LOL. I just love her soo much. Enjoy

Dante over 1 year on the beach...

The Davidsons and "Sophie"

Hi Carina,

Just wanna give you a quick update of River. Can't believe that he's 20 months old now. He's still a very calm and happy boy that everyone loves him! Our neighbours are always impressed by his great temperament. He's the sunshine of the house! We love him so much!

He's maturing and learns more and more new things. I like to chat with him during our walk. When I tell him that I'm going to give him a bone after the walk, he would  touch my hand gently with his snout, almost like saying, "I got it!". When I forget to give him a treat or his daily NuVet, he would remind me. He cares about us all with unconditional love! He really is a gift from heaven!

Here are a few pictures from today that we would like to share with you. I took the pics when my kids were playing with him in the yard. It's very warm and sunny today in Vancouver! 
Hope everything goes well with you, your family and the new litters of puppies! Please send our warmest regards to Bolt and Tundra! We thank them for their fantastic boy!

Hi Carina!

Jasper is almost 4months now so I thought i should send you some pictures. You probably get several puppy pictures from proud puppy parents! He is so darn adorable! He became part of the family instantly and we love everything little thing about him! Puppy quirks n'all :) He is an incredibly learner and at times has outsmarted us. He loves playing, shaking a paw, fetch, running (on leash!, woohoo), baths and just discovered he can swim! He is known as the social butterfly at puppy kindergarten too. At the end of our energetic day he is always good for a snuggle. He has an amazing temperament. Just what we wanted :) So I hope you like the pictures i sent. Feel free to use any on your site if you like :)
Thank you so much for our beautiful puppy!
Have a wonderful day!

Sarah, Trevor and Jasper!

Lyle & Lisa and "Bodi"

Christina and "Winter"

(Rain & Rocky puppy)


Two years of picking up Winter in Calgary is coming close and so I thought I would share this with you!

Winters parents are Dancing in the Rain and Rocky. The temperament we were looking for in a dog was a very passive and sweet girl specifically because we were going to start a family. Our little boy is here now and Winter is incredible! She is very sweet and gentle with the baby and although she is only 2 years old she is SO calm and just amazing!

Thank you so much for breeding such incredible puppies!

Merry Christmas to you and your family!

​email: christinarebelofurtado@gmail.com

Hi Carina,
I just wanted to send you an update. Evey has been so amazing and so well behaved. I have never had such an amazingly easy puppy, so thank you  [😊]  Her trainer and vet are all in love with her as well.  Everyone we meet loves her and asks where we got her, I always let them know and tell them you still have a few puppies available right now.  She has only had a few accidents in the house, which is far better than I expected. She goes almost everywhere with me, so now she follows me around everywhere even in the house (which I have to admit I love lol). She goes with us to JiuJitsu practice (6 days a week), in every store that allows dogs and to all our family members houses (including my grandfather’s at an old age home).  Our female dog has taken to her like she is her baby and is always watching out for her, our male was just excited to have another play buddy. If our zoning allowed 4 dogs I would be getting another on in a heartbeat she truly is just great. I’ve attached a few pictures for you.
Thank you,
Jessica Weismiller


6 Month Update...

(Star and Bolt puppy)

Hi Carina,
        Just wanted to send a few pics and a 5 mo update. We are amazed with this puppy. She learns so quickly and is an incredibly calm
dog for a 5 (almost 6)  mo. old.  She is everything you promised and more.
She loves the ocean and the forest, both of which we are at daily! She
housetrained very easily and sleeps peacefully her crate. She is
intelligent, calm and incredibly beautiful.
She  uses her paws like hands, and retrieves her ball as long as we throw
it. She is totally devoted to us as we are to her, but she has her own
mind, and thinks about things! I swear she understands more than simple
commands. We are very happy with the pet food you recommended, and they
have now come out with a puppy formula!  We are doing training for her to
be a therapy dog in our school district as she comes to work with me.
Stella  has brought so much joy back into our home and our lives.
Thank you for such an incredible pup.
The Magnussen family

Sandy Magnussen
Special Education Technology Coordinator
School District 46 (Sunshine Coast)

Dante at 2 years old...click on picture below to see video

(Tundra & Bolt puppy)

Hi Carina,

Hope all is well!  I just thought I would send you an email now that we are home in B.C. with the little one.  She was absolutely incredible the entire time we have had her.   So impressive!  She cried for about 10 minutes at the most right when we left your place but after that she slept in my arms the whole drive and we took her for pee breaks and little walks.  We took her to a park yesterday and let her off the leash (it was a fenced park with no one around) and she just followed us along.  My mom and I practiced being about 20 feet apart and each taking a turn calling her, and she came to each of us every time.  I decided to call her "Hudson" after Hudson Bay where the polar bears live since she will be quite light in color :) She is so intelligent, I just love her to bits.  She has had no messes and is sleeping very well.  I have been letting her sleep in my bed just for the first few nights until shes comfortable with us as I am sure it is a very large adjustment.  I can feel her moving around a bit on the bed every so often but she waits until I wake up and say something to her before she comes and greets me - she is so polite, such a little lady.  
She was perfect on the plane, a little restless for the first moment or two but then just fell asleep until we landed.  Not a peep.  You would think she had done this a million times!
It is raining here on the west coast (big surprise) and she has been running around in it with me on our acreage.  I held her as she met the horses, she is quite timid of them which is good, I don't want her out and about back there anyways, lol.  
Right now she is just snoozing at my feet while I study for midterms.
I attached a few of the million photos I have taken of her, lol I hope you enjoy them.  I have a good camera I plan on using (these ones are just cell phone quality).  We love her very very much :)  
Talk to you soon,
Thanks again,

Berkley and little Huds
Courtenay, BC

Spencer, Jodi and "Charlie"

(Snow & IceBerg puppy)

Hi Carina,

We've been so busy enjoying Wrigley that I've neglected to follow up. Wrigley is almost 8 months and has found his routine and comfort with us. He was a bit unsure of the first snowfall but has gotten used to it and now comes in with snow on his nose every time. We are lucky to have him and we feel he has responded the same. As expected in a puppy, he has gotten into mischief like gnawing on boots, socks, blankets, etc. He uses his cuteness to make it difficult to discipline. He is adorable!   He has found his place with each of us and wrangled into each of our beds to sleep, often playing musical beds and us arguing to see who's turn it is to sleep with him. His summer was enjoyable as we took him to the lake to swim and fish a few times. He was the most popular dogs at summer events and still turns many heads during walks. The kids even taught him to go down the slide at the park! He loves ice cubes and will even wake up from a nap to meet us at the ice cube tray. Each one of us is grateful for having Wrigley. He is playful and gentle with kids and dogs. His welcoming to us when we come home from work or school is priceless. I compare it to Dino from the Flintstones. He spins around, lays on his back to catch a belly rub and shakes-a-paw until we tell him to settle down. I could go on and on. We appreciate him and love his enjoyment every day.

The Vogelsang Family
Enjoy the pictures.

Donnie and Karen Wilson and "Paxton"  (SeaShores and SnoStorm puppy)

Brenda Davidson, 
Regina, SK


River at 4 months...

Collene & "Gus Alexander"

(Tundra and Bolt puppy)

Gus over 1 year...

The Summachs and "Rosie"

She is getting soo big. Just love this girl so much. I seriously think all day of what I could possibly do to work and stay home with her LOL.

(SeaMist & Bolt puppy)

Hi Carina

I just wanted to give you an update on Quinn. She has fit in so well with our family and we couldn't imagine life without her! She now weighs 34 lbs and the vet always says how beautiful she is and how she will be a big girl - just what we wanted :) She loves to spend the afternoons playing with her fur sibling Bentley (our Min Pin), chasing our 2 kittens, and working with James outside at the acreage! She isn't far from James ever - just follows her Daddy around and lays beside him while he works. This past weekend she went up to the cabin we are building in North Saskatchewan with James and loved exploring the woods, pond and being outside. But she always stayed close to the cabin and could be found sleeping in the sun throughout the afternoon. The other people we went with wanted to take her home :) Yesterday Quinn was introduced to horses for the first time and at first was very timid of them but then quickly had fun running around them. She is so calm, smart, obedient and amazing with the girls. Sometimes she gets a little "puppy brain" and does something silly or forgets how big she is and tackles the girls but that's what puppies do! We love her lots! 

Melissa McCullough
White City, SK

Sophies first Christmas...

  • What A Difference You've Made In My Life3:58

We just love Wrigley soo much! We tried to call you on the weekend to say how much we have been enjoying him. He is so loving and playful and his expressions are the cutest ever. He's so smart with his training. He goes out to his spots for poops and he sleeps very well in his kennel (or with us when he's spoiled a little) He's welcoming of other dogs and people too. He sits so nice and never wanders away. We took him downtown to the jazz festival and we must have had a 100 or more people wanting to meet and pet him. It's just crazy how he has changed our lives and has fit into our home. We've been out on daily walks and even took him to the lake and he's been swimming nicely. We will keep in touch! He's going to have a fun summer. 
Thanks again!

Angie and Ed Vogelsang
Saskatoon, SK

The McCulloughs & "Quinn"

He is so beautiful and smart .... learning quickly .... he’s fitting in right from day one !... absolutely in love with him!!!!! Everyone is over the moon over him after seeing him !!! Can’t thank you enough for him .... he’s gonna have a loved , happy long life ! I’ll send pics as he gets bigger ! He is worth every penny, you can’t really put a price on your family…. best money spent in a long time …LOL!

Thanks again!

Lisa Bangle and Lyle Railton

Qualicum Beach, BC