Lush White/Cream English
CKC Registered Labrador Retrievers

All our puppies come with: 
CKC registration (non-breeding) in your choice of name, microchipped, 1st vaccinations, dewormed several times, health certificate/record, puppy information, puppy pack and starter training.
You can reserve your puppy with $300 deposit.   Deposit is non-refundable but transferable to another litter. 

Please order the TLC puppy food at least 10 days prior to your puppy's arrival.  You can go to the puppy/dog food page to place your order with a discount on this site.   We also recommend the NuVet Plus wafers for building immunities, you can call 1-800-474-7044 with order code 30878 to place your order.


Price:  $3000+ gst  
for limited CKC purebred registration (non-breeding- pet only)

Professional Shipping across Canada:  $1000 + gst 

Professional Shipping to USA and other countries (prices may vary)
direct flights only: includes travel carrier,  professional travel/care to Calgary airport, possible overnight care if needed to go on morning flight and signed travel health certificate from a veterinarian. 

Shipping available to other countries but we must abide by their laws. 
Final payment is due when puppies are 6 weeks of age
(Note:  if you use PayPal please add 4% to cover all PayPal charges...thank you)

$310  thank you!

Reason for Pricing

Our Health Guarantee

DNA health records and pedigrees available upon request

Our brief application form
must be submitted in order to adopt one of our labradors. 
Please click the link below for the application form.  If you have trouble opening the file please contact us and we will send it to you directly.  Thank you.

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Straight from the Heart

Prices & Guarantees

It is our greatest prayer and wish that everyone who adopts a puppy or dog from us has a

joyous lifetime with their new pet! 

Much gratitude and blessings
  to all who adopt our labradors!!

Should you do that instead of this... Or this instead of that, Alone you fight, and hope one day, his little head you'll pat, And bring joy to another being, and make a house a home, You know it's all just up to you, you'll fight this fight alone.

Formula, bottles, heating pads, you've got to get this right, Two hourly feeds for this tiny guy, throughout the day and night. In your heart you know, you're almost sure to lose the fight, To save this little baby, but God willing... You just MIGHT.

Day One he's in there fighting, you say a silent prayer, Day Two & Three, he's doing well, with lots of love and care. Day Four and Five... He's still alive, your hopes soar to the heavens, Day Six he slips away again. Dies in your hands, day Seven.

You take this little angel, and bury him alone. With an aching heart and burning tears, with an exhausted groan, You ask yourself "Why do this? Why suffer all this pain?" But to see the joy your puppies bring....It will really self-explain.

So, when you think of Breeders and label us with "greed", Think about what we endure to fill another's need. When you come to buy a puppy and with your precious dollars part, You only pay with money... We pay with all our heart!

Professional Shipping available across Canada: approximately $800 + gst (depends on what size of carrier needed and location)

Shipping available to other countries, cost may vary, we must abide by their laws.

Shipping includes: trip to Calgary airport (840km round trip), plane ticket, crate which owner gets to keep travel health certificate from a veterinarian).

The deposit to hold your puppy is 
$300 (nonrefundable,but transferable to another litter), which will be deducted off of the total price of the puppy.  Matches are made accordingly when puppies are 6 weeks of age.  We reserve the right to first pick out of any litter as long as the puppy is under our care and transfer of ownership is incomplete.  

Lovable Labs of Canada has the right to refuse anyone adoption of one of our labradors if the home is recognized by the breeder to be unfit or unsuitable at anytime, with the deposit being returned according to breeders discretion.

We guarantee hips/elbows for 26 months of age. There is a lifetime of dog health guarantee on prcd-PRA, (Progressive Retinal Atrophy), CNM (Centronuclear Myopathy), DM (Degenerative Myelopathy) , EIC (Exercise Induced Collapse)

To be eligible for the health guarantee;  hips and elbows would have to be OFA documentated to have genetic hip or elbow dysplasia by 26 months of age, and the DNA tests must be completed for CNM, DM, EIC,  PRA,  by the Optigen LLC, New York, USA or the  DDC  Veterinary, Ohio, USA and proven to be affected by the exact conditions parents were tested for.

On the presentation of the appropriate documentation, Lovable Labs of Canada will give you an equivalent puppy when available.

All our puppies are guaranteed to be white, cream or light yellow variance.  We do not breed any other colors or shades.  Temperament, size and allergies are not guaranteed due to varied environmental conditions and situations.

Lovable Labsof Canada

Here at Lovable Labs of Canada, we only have a certain number of high quality litters per year so we can give the best attention and care to our dogs/puppies. We are a reputable breeder of many years with a reputation of standing behind our Labradors and our customers.  
We believe strongly in quality over quantity. 
The Labradors that we have purchased are mostly imported from the USA from reputable breeders who have an expertise of 30 plus years of breeding quality labs.  The cost of our beautiful dogs and all fees to get them into Canada ranges between $10,000-$15,000.  The Health testing costs per dog can range from $3000-$4000.  Plus regular costs for dog food, registrations, vitamins, vaccinations, microchips, accessories, travel expenses, building maintenance, puppy/whelping supplies etc...can be $60,000 or more per year.  The quality, health, temperament, intelligence, and champion lines have been historically proven in these lines of Exquisite English Labradors.  Our Labradors are of the English Show Style, not the American Field Line.  The English Show Dog is bred for the ideal standard of the Labrador Retriever, which characteristically have blocky heads, thicker stature, shorter nose, otter tail, black pigmentation, and the calmer temperament or disposition.  The American Field Line is bred more for the purpose of hunting; where agility, high energy, and endurance is a main characteristic.  The American Lab's body build is taller, leaner, with longer legs and nose. This does not mean the English Style is not capable of hunting.  
There are still some prospects in English Labs that do have hunting abilities and have accomplished awards in both show and hunting fields.  
  Our facilities have insulated buildings;  with heat for winter months  and air conditioning for summer months.  There is an outdoor 4000 sq foot play fence for our dogs to exercise.  There are surveillance cameras to watch our dogs and our puppies at all times especially throughout the night.  In looking after our dogs properly we are always working on improvements as their care is of great importance to us.  Our price may increase as our expense increases as we strive to improve our lines bringing the best and most beautiful quality white labradors to our kennel.  
  One of the biggest rewards is receiving positive comments from others who know the sincerity of who we are and share in our passion of our beautiful labradors.
We are proud that many of our customers become longtime friends with who we can keep in touch with, and share the joys of being a lab & dog owner.    
We thank those who have been such a great support in keeping our dream alive, while we benefit many by providing a very well bred pet and family member for life.

Payment Methods: PayPal (+4%), 

Email Money Transfer to:, 

Certified Cheques, bank draft, money order or Cash (Personal Cheques accepted for deposits) written out to 

Carina Weiss, PO Box 956, Maple Creek, SK,  S0N 1N0