Lovable Labsof Canada

(now retired but is the cornerstone to Lovable Labs of Canada and many of his wonderful descendants live here and carry on the beautiful traits he has in health, temperament, size and intelligence)

Lovable's Ranger

Ranger is a beautiful Black English Labrador with great intelligence and a loyal loving temperament.  When we found this boy we could not help but want to add him to our breeding program.  He has the most amazing temperament and thick boned English Conformation.  His puppies will be an outstanding addition to our Labrador family.

         Lovable's Tip of the IceBerg (retired)

"North" is an amazing  White English Labrador.  He has a very easy going temperament and loves people and other dogs.  He is as white as you can get with blocky and beautiful thick boned stature, he is the picture perfect "White English Labrador". He weighs 85lbs and still filling out.  We are excited to have this beauty as part of our Lab family and cannot wait to see his puppies.   

Canyon is a stocky, and strong labrador with a great white coat and black pigment.  He comes from North Dakota, USA and is both AKC registered and CKC registered.  He has amazing lineage and we look forward to his future puppies.

Whitevelvet Lovable's True North

Czar was our beautiful black male labrador...His temperament and intelligence was amazing.   He is no longer with us but will remain in our hearts forever.  He was truly a Lovable Lab and will always be missed.

Lovable's Arctic Igloo

"Bolt" couldnt be more lovable. This dreamy polar bear stud is over 100 lbs of pure gentle kindness. 
You couldn't ask for a better dog.  Bolt's pedigree has both hunting lines and show lines.
Bolt is clear of EIC, CNM, DM & PRA, OSD/RD

"Igloo" is SnoBear's son.   He has the most wonderful mellow temperament.  He loves being close to children and is so well mannered.  Igloo's  DNA tests are all clear and we cannot wait to continue his beautiful line in our kennel.   Pictures coming soon.

Whitevelvet Lights out Rocky (retired)

Our Males

 Igloo, North, Ranger, SnoStorm, & Canyon

Lovable's Midnight Black Czar  (RIP)  March 21/10-Sept 21/17


"Rocky" is now retired. His champion pedigree, easy going nature and thick stature made him an exceptional stud dog in every way.  Rocky has passed on his gorgeous coat, good health, great conformation and  intelligence to many his puppies. We have also kept some of his puppies for breeding to continue to pass on these grand qualities with our future English Labradors.

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        Lovable's Lightning Bolt (retired)

  "SnoStorm" (Whitevelvet Celebrate)

     SnoStorm is an amazing beautiful white English Labrador male with an exceptional temperament and lovable personality.  He is very smart to learn new tricks and loves his belly rubs.  We are so proud that many of his puppies have become wonderful service dogs.

Lovable's Snowfall Canyon

"IceBerg" is the ultimate White English Labrador. He is the son of Bolt and has surpassed all expectations with his white lush coat, large blocky size (90lbs) He is now retired and living a very loving home in Calgary. ...we have kept many of his lines as well to continue on the exceptional temperament and intelligence Lovable Labs is known for.