"Snow has a beautiful white coat with black pigmentation, gorgeous eyes, friendly temperament and just plain lovable"  She comes from Champion lines from Goldberry Labs in the USA.


Latte has a gorgeous white coat, nice black pigmentation, excellent conformation & the sweetest temperament. She is gentle natured, and very intelligent. She is out RainDrop and SnoBear. 

 Whisper,  SeaShores, Latte & Bloom

SeaShores has a wonderful playful temperament.  She has a beautiful thick coat and a wonderful conformation. 

She loves people of all ages and is friendly to all those she meets.

Lovable's Whisper of Snow

Pictures coming soon 

MoonLight comes to us from Arkansas...She is a very loving and loyal labrador who loves her belly rubs.

  • Ode To Joy3:29

Lovable's Sparkling White Ocean

Ocean is now working as a St. John Ambulance therapy dog and as special needs therapy dog in BC.

Lovable's Snow (now retired)

    Lovable's Ocean Latte

Lovable Labsof Canada

​​    Retired Females of

 Lovable Labs of Canada

Lovable's Salty SeaShores

Lovable's "Bloom" of Edelweiss

Lovable's Frosty Meadow

Our Females

                          Lovable's Winter

This beautiful white female is now retired and living a good life in Ontario

 Bloom has the sweetest disposition, so gentle and loving.  She loves to be petted and groomed.  She has an awesome confirmation and beautiful white coat.   She couldn't be more perfect.

Meadow is now working as an Assistant Disability Service Dog in BC...she was trained in 3 months what would normally take 2 years for helping someone in a wheelchair...super intelligent and gentle..She is from our Bolt Lines. 

 Tundra (now retired & working as a service dog, we have kept many of her lines to continue to have the beauty, health and intelligence that Lovable Labs is known for.)

Lovable's MoonLight Reflection

Lovable's Dancing In the Rain

Rain has a gentle temperament, nice blocky conformation, she is out of beautiful parents RainDrop and SnoBear (Rain is now retired)

Skye (now retired)

Skye is a friendly, kind white labrador who loves her people and her attention.  She has beautiful black pigment and lovely conformation.

Lovable's Luminous Shining Star
Star is now working as an Autism Service Dog with a young boy in BC.