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Dog Food/Puppy Food 

We also recommend Nuvet Plus---Immune System Supplement  to order call 1-800-474-7044 give the order code 30878

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Boost your dog or puppy's immunity by giving them NuVet Plus....call 1-800-474-7044 with order code 30878

Dog/Puppy Food

It is best to order at least 10 days prior to your puppy's arrival to ensure you have his/her food ready..It is best not to change your puppy's food and should remain on the TLC puppy food for the first 2 years of his/her life.


TLC Whole Life 
Natural Puppy or Dog Food

After much research on many different dog foods, we have found one that we feel is superior to all others. The main ingredients in TLC dog food is over 75% quality meats, including Atlantic Salmon, New Zealand Lamb and Fresh Chicken.  There are no by-products or fillers (ie: chicken by product, corn, cornmeal, grains etc..,) in TLC.  It also has glucosamine and chondroitin, which is great for bone/joint development especially in larger breed dogs such as labrador retrievers.  No artificial flavors or preservatives. Another great bonus is it is a Canadian company and the dog food has free delivery right to your home or office.  This way it is much fresher than imported dog food or food that sits on the store shelves for months. You can also gain reward points as you recommend this quality food to others.  It is there way of marketing by word of mouth, rather than by expensive commercialization. There is no obligation and is definitely worth a try. All my labrador retrievers have loved this quality food for years, and they get many compliments on their shiny beautiful healthy thick coats and white teeth. For a $5 discount on this high quality dog or puppy food you can place your order using this promo code: 31597-1025 and click below:

or you can call 1 (877) 328-8400 and
give the following code: 31597-1025
to receive a $5 discount off your order

TLC Whole Life Natural Dog Food